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All of the Lamps carried on the 10-Ton Truck ARE NOT included in the base price. All lamps are charged “As Used.” 3-day weeks and package discounts are available.


2x 24K SunRay 24” Lens 1 6K SunRay PAR SE
2x M40 Arri PAR SE
4x M18 Arri PAR SE
1x 575W SunRay PAR SE 1 400W Joker PAR
2x 200W SunRay PAR
2x 200W SunRay DC Ballast 


1x 10K MR Baby Tenor Solarspot
1x 5K MR Baby Senior Solarspot
4x 2K MR 8\” Junior Solarspot
8x 1K MR Baby Solarspot
4x 650K MR Tweenie II Solarspot
6x 200W MR Midget Solarspot
6x 2K MR Mighty
2x 1K MR Mickey
4x 1K Mole PAR 64
3x ETC Source 4
1x 2K MR Zip Softlight
2x 750W MR Softlight
2x 5,850 MR Ninelight Molefay
1x 150W Dedolight Kit
1x K-5 Kit


2x 4 Foot 4 Bank Fixtures & Ballast
2x 4 Foot 2 Bank Fixtures & Ballast

Overheads & Butterflys

The equipment marked with an asterisk (*) is carried on the 10-Ton truck at all times but are NOT included in the base price. These items are charged \”As Used.\” 3-day weeks and package discounts are available.

2x Overhead, 6X Frame
1x Overhead, 6X Single Net
1x Overhead, 6X Double Net
2x Overhead, 6X Solid
1x Overhead, 6X Silk
1x Overhead, 6X Griffolyn, B/W
1x Overhead, 6X Ultra Bounce*
1x Overhead, 6X Full Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 6X Half Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 6X Qtr Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 6X Half Soft Frost*
1x Overhead, 6X Bleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 6X Unbleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 6X Silver Lame*
1x Overhead, 6X Gold Lame *
2x Overhead, 8X Frame
2x Overhead, 8X Single Net *
1x Overhead, 8X Double Net *
2x Overhead, 8X Solid *
1x Overhead, 8X Silk *
1x Overhead, 8X Griffolyn, B/W
1x Overhead, 8X Ultra Ultra Bounce, B/W*
1x Overhead, 8X Full Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 8X Half Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 8X Qtr Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 8X Bleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 8X Unbleached Muslin * 1 Overhead, 8X Half Soft Frost*
1x Overhead, 8X Silver Lame *
1x Overhead, 8X Gold Lame *
4x Overhead, 12X Frame
1x Overhead, 12X Single Net
1x Overhead, 12X Double Net
4x Overhead, 12X Solid
2x Overhead, 12X Silk
1x Overhead, 12X Griffolyn, B/W
1x Overhead, 12X Utra Bounce, B/W*
1x Overhead, 12 Full Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 12X Half Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 12X Qtr Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 12X Bleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 12X Unbleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 12X Half Soft Frost*
1x Overhead, 12X Silver Lame *
1x Overhead, 12X Gold Lame *
3x Overhead, 20X Frame, Speed Rail
2x Overhead, 20X Single Net *
1x Overhead, 20X Double Net *
2x Overhead, 20X Solid *
2x Overhead, 20X Silk *
1x Overhead, 20X Griffolyn, B/W *
1x Overhead, 20X Ultra Bounce*
1x Overhead, 20X Full Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 20X Half Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 20X Qtr Sail (Grid) Cloth *
1x Overhead, 20X Bleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 20X Unbleached Muslin *
1x Overhead, 20X Half Soft Frost *

Chimera Lightbanks

The equipment marked with an asterisk (*) is carried on the 10-Ton truck at all times but are NOT included in the base price. These items are charged \”As Used.\” 3-day weeks and package discounts are available.

1x Baby 10K Speedring*
1x 5K Speedring*
1x 8” Junior Speedring*
1x 1K Baby Speedring*
2x Arri M18 Speedring*
1x 6K Par Speedring*
2x Arri M40 Speedring*
1x 24/18K Speedring*
2x 200 Par Speedring*
2x Extra Small Video Plus Bank*
1x Extra Small Daylight Jr. Bank*
1x Small Quartz Bank*
4x Medium Quartz Plus Bank*
1x Large Daylight Bank*
1x Large Daylight Senior Bank*
1x 20” Lantern*
1x 30” Lantern*
2x Chimera Mogul Base*
2x Standard to Mogul Adapters

Flags & Scrims

1x Dot and Finger Set
2x 18×24 Single Net
2x 18×24 Double Net
3x 24×36 Single Net
1x 24×36 Metal Single
3x 24×36 Double Net
1x 24×36 Metal Double
2x 24×36 Silk
2x 48×48 Single Net
2x 48×48 Double Net
2x 48×48 Silk
2x 48×48 Griffolyn, B/W
4x 18×24 Solid
6x 24×36 Solid
2x 24×36 Metal Solid
2x 10×42 Solid
2x 18×48 Solid
4x 24×72 Solid
10x 48×48 Solid Floppy
4x 18×24 Frame
6x 24×36 Frame
10x 48×48 Frame
1x 24×36 Cucoloris
1x 48×48 Cucoloris
4x 48” Floppy Stop


40x Shot Bag, 20lb
20x Sand Bag, 35lb
12x Apple Box – Full
12x Apple Box – Half
12x Apple Box – Quarter
12x Apple Box – Pancakes
1x Cup Blocks – Set of 16
2x Wedge, 2” X 4” X 12”, Crate of 75
2x Cribbing, 2” X 4”, Crate of 75
1x Cribbing, 2” X 6”, Crate of 75
1x Cribbing, 1” X 4”, Crate of 75
8x Pads, Furniture
1x Broom
1x Tools, Rake
1x Tools, Shovel, Square
1x Tools, Shovel, Round Point 1 Tools, Sledge Hammer
2x Umbrella, 7’ 8-Panel
1x Hand Saw
1x Circular Saw
1x Screw Gun
1x Level 4’
1x Putt Putt Generator 2000W 1 Gas Can 5 Gal
1x Cart, 4 X 4
1x Cart, Little Sherman
2x 4 Step Ladder
2x 6 Step Ladder
2x 8 Step Ladder
1x 12 Step Ladder
1x 32’ Extension Ladder


1x 20’ Steel Pipe
4x 12’ Speed Rail
2x 10’ Speed Rail
4x 8’ Speed Rail
4x 12” Speed Rail Couple
4x #3 Ell Fittings
6x #10 Cross Fittings
12x #14 Split Cross Fittings 12 #17 Adjustable T Fittings 12 Modified Crosses
4x #47 Square Flange Fittings


2x Wall Spreader, 2” x 4”
2x 2” x 4” Slider
2x Wall Spreader, Speed Rail
2x Baby Pin (5/8”) to 3/8” Pin
2x Baby Pin (5/8”) to 3/8” X 16 Tap 2 Baby Pin to 3/8” X 16 Thread
2x Baby Pin 90 Degree Offset
6x Baby Plate 3”
6x Baby Plate 6”
6x Junior Wall Plate
4x Duck Bills (Bead Board Holder)
6x Foam Core Holder w/ Swivel
1x C-Clamp, 02”
1x C-Clamp, 03”
6x C-Clamp, 04” Heavy Duty
6x C-Clamp, 06” Heavy Duty
2x C-Clamp, 06” w/Baby (5/8”) Pin 6 C-Clamp, 08” w/Baby (5/8”) Pin 4 C-Clamp, 08” w/Junior Receiver
4x Clam Shell w/5/8” Pin
4x Clam Shell w/Junior Receiver
6x Clam Shell w/Flat Spade
2x Condor Candle Sticks
6x Frame Holders
4x Tree Branch Holder
1x Dolly Jr Riser
10x Drop Ceiling Clip with 5/8” Pin 10 Drop Ceiling Clip w/Cable Hanger 4 Chain Vise Grip
4x Chain Vise Grip w/ 5/8” Pin
10x Swivel Cheesebroroughs
2x Furniture Clamp, 12”
2x Furniture Clamp, 24”
4x Furniture Clamp Slider w/ 5/8” Pin 4 Stand Adapter 1 1/8 Pin- 5/8 Pin 4 Grip Head 4” (Lolli-Pop)
6x End Jaw Cardellini Clamp
2x Center Jaw Cardellini Clamp
2x Mathellini 12” Extenders
2x Gaffer Grip w/ 5/8” Pin
1x Menace Arm Rig
2x Arm, Baby Offset
1x Arm, Baby Triple Offset
2x Arm, Junior Offset
1x Arm, Junior Drop Down Offset
1x Arm, Triple Junior Offset
1x Dolly to Junior Locking Adapter
8x Pipe Clamp, Baby – Grid Style
4x Pipe Clamp, Junior – Grid Style
1x Junior Riser
2x 18K Ears (Set of 3)
8x Tent Stake
10x Grip Clips #1
30x Grip Clips #2
15x Grip Clips #3
5x 8’ Dolly Track
1x 4’ Dolly Track


15x Baby, Steel 3 Risers w/ R/M
4x Baby, Hefty Low Boy 2 Riser
2x Baby, Premie (Low Low)
30x C-Stand 40” w/Head & Arm
4x C-Stand 30” w/Head & Arm
2x Turtle Base
2x T-Bone
4x Junior, Low Boy w/ R/M
2x Junior, Steel 2 Riser w/ R/M
4x Junior, Steel 3 Riser w/ R/M
14x Combo, Beefy 3 Riser w/ R/M
4x Combo, Mombo Combo.
3x Super Crank Up
6x Sets of Combo Wheels
4x Sets of Mombo Combo Wheels


2x 42×42 Silver
2x 42×42 Gold
2x 42×42 Mirror


Electrical Distribution

8x Banded 2/4 Entertainment Cable 50’
8x Feeder #2 Entertainment Cable 50’
10x Tapping-T (Two-fer) CamLok – Green
10x Tapping-T (Two-fer) CamLok – White
10x Tapping-T (Two-fer) CamLok – Red
10x Tapping-T (Two-fer) CamLok – Blue
10x Tapping-T (Two-fer) CamLok – Black
4x Suicide Male (CamLok Male to Male)
4x Suicide Female (Female to Female)
4x Snakebite 240V CamLok(M) to Bates(F)
5x Snakebite 120V CamLok(M) to Bates(F)
4x Branch 100A(M) to 2-60A(F) Fused
4x DuzzAll, 100A/240V PT to 4-30A/240V
6x Lunch Box 100A Bates to 5-20A Edison
2x Gang Box 60A Bates to 3-20A Edison
2x Bates Extension 240V/100Amp 50ft
4x Bates Extension 120V/100Amp 50ft
4x Bates Extension 120V/60Amp 50ft
4x Twist Lock 240V/30A Extension 50’
24x Edison Extension (12/3) 50’
12x Edison Extension (12/3) 25’


12x #1 Blue Photoflood BCA
12x #2 Blue Photoflood EBW
12x #1 White Photoflood BBA
12x #2 White Photoflood EBV
12x 100W Photoflood PH211
12x 250W Photoflood PH212
12x 500W Photoflood PH213
6x 500W EAL

Spare Globes

1x DTY 10K Tenor
1x DPY 5K Senior
2x CYX 2K Junior
6x EGT 1K Baby
4x FRK 650W Tweenie II
5x FEV 200W Midget
4x FEY 2K Mighty
4x DXW 1K Mickey
4x FCM 2K Zip Soft
3x HPL 750
3x EJG Baby Softlight
3x FFR Medium 1K MolePar
3x FFN Very Narrow 1K MolePar 1 24K HMI DE
1x 18K HMI DE
1x 12K HMI DE
1x 6000SE 6K PAR
1x 4000SE 4K PAR
1x 1800SE 1.8K PAR
2x 1200SE 1200W PAR
1x 575WSE 575W PAR
1x 400SE 400W PAR
2x 200SE 200W PAR
2x BWF 2000W Chimera Lantern 10 4ft 3200K Kino Tube
10x 4ft 5500K Kino Tube


Sold “As Used” in 1’ increments.

1x .15 Neutral Density
1x .30 Neutral Density
1x .60 Neutral Density
1x .90 Neutral Density
1x Full CTB
2x 1/2 CTB
2x 1/4 CTB
1x 1/8 CTB
1x Full CTO
2x 1/2 CTO
2x 1/4 CTO
1x 1/8 CTO
1x Full Minus Green
1x 1/2 Minus Green
1x 1/4 Minus Green
1x 1/8 Minus Green
1x Full Plus Green
1x 1/2 Plus Green
1x 1/4 Plus Green
1x 1/8 Plus Green
2x Opal Diffusion
1x 129 Diffusion
2x 216 Diffusion
2x 250 Diffusion
1x 251 Diffusion
1x 253 Diffusion
1x Full Grid
1x ½ Grid
1x ¼ Grid
1x Silver Scrim
1x 48” 1000H


4x Black 2” Gaffer Tape
2x Black 1” Camera Tape
2x White 2” Camera Tape
2x White 1” Camera Tape
4x Black 2” Paper Tape
2x Black 1” Paper Tape
2x Clear 2” Tape
6x Transfer Tape 3/4”


12x 1”x2”x8’
4x 2”x4”x16’
2x 1”x4”x16’
2x 1”x12”x16’
2x 2”x12”x8’
2x 2”x12”x16’
3x 4’x8’ Birch Ply
1x 4’x8’ AC Ply
3x 4’x8’ Plastic Dance Floor
1x 4’x4’ Plastic Dance Floor
1x 4’x4’ AC Ply

Foam Core & Show Card

8x Black on White Foam Core
2x Bead Board
12x Black on White Show Card
4x Hard Silver Show Card
4x Soft Silver Show Card
4x Soft Gold Show Card
4x Hard Gold Show Card


4x #8 Cotton Sash Cord
2x 50 Count Cloths Pins
1x Box 1/4” Hemp
1x Roll Celloscreen
1x Roll Grip Chain
1x Box Black Trick Line (12 Hanks) 1 Roll 12” Blackwrap
1x Roll 24” Blackwrap
1x Roll Zip Cord
12x Female Add a Taps
12x Male Add a Taps
10x Cube Taps
10x Ground Lifts
1x Clear Visqueen
1x Black Visqueen
1x Duvetyne
1x Box AAA Batteries
1x Box AA Batteries
1x Box 9V Batteries
1x Box C Cell Batteries
1x Box D Cell Batteries
1x Can WD-40
1x Can Silicone Spra
1x Can Pledge
1x Baby Powder
1x Can Super 77
2x Can Dulling Spray
1x Streaks n Tips Brown
1x Streaks n Tips Black
1x Streaks n Tips White
1x Streaks n Tips Grey
1x Alcohol Wipes
1x Bailing Wire
1x Zip Ties


Rental Requirements 

Rental Requirements

New Account

Credit Card Authorization

Rental Agreement


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