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Grip Equipment Rentals


Grip Equipment Rentals in Dallas, TX

In video production, the last thing you want to worry about is sourcing expensive equipment like grips and lighting. If you’re looking to rent this type of equipment, getting in touch with Electric Light & Power Company can be a good first step.

The world of video production can be hectic, and the last thing you want to be held back is the choice of grip and lighting rentals. Electric Light & Power Company offers you a huge choice of equipment, whatever your needs. Choose from a range of grip and lighting equipment like C-stands, clamps, grip heads, soft boxes, and diffusers, to name a few.

Enhance your production setup in Dallas, Austin, at a considerably lower rental cost. We provide a huge range of specialty lighting equipment like LED panels and color temperature adjustable lighting for the unique look you’re seeking for your video.

Why Choose Us for Grip Equipment?


Electric Light & Power Company has considerable experience in grip and lighting equipment. We have a huge inventory of high-quality, specialized equipment for your crew. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected before we rent it out, so you don’t have to worry about equipment failures.

In addition to equipment rentals, if you’re doing this for the first time, we can help you get set up. Our experts can walk you through using the equipment effectively, so you won’t waste time in your video production process. We can help you hit the ground running when using video production equipment.
Another advantage you get with us is budget-friendly equipment that is easy on your wallet. We understand how expensive video production can be, but we can help you lighten the load with equipment rentals from Electric Light & Power Company in Dallas, Austin.

Our Grip Equipment Inventory


Check our inventory of professional, high-quality, robust C-stands that are robust and can handle heavy loads. You can unlock new options with premium rental offers for our C-stands.

Clamps and Mounting Equipment

Clamps and other mounting equipment play a pivotal role in video production – get great deals on rentals from us. 

Grip Accessories

Our reliable grip accessories like boom arms, mounting hardware, apple boxes, and more are available for rent and at great prices.                                                               



Rental Requirements 


[email protected]

Dallas: 214.630.7228

Austin: 512.964.2449


All lamps and lighting equipment


All grip hardware and rigging equipment


All chimera equipment, overheads and rags


All electrical distribution equipment


All dolly equipment and sliders