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Dollies Rental Services 

Dolly Track Rental Service in Nola

Dollies are vital to video production and help you get that perfect shot even in motion. When you want seamless camera movement in your shot, dollies are the right equipment for the job. Get that perfect cinematic shot for your commercial or movie with reliable dolly rentals from Electric Light & Power Company.

We have a range of dollies for you to choose from including Fisher, Cinetech Super Falcon, Doorway dolly, and Western dolly. Whether you want to shoot controlled tracking shots with smooth camera movement or outdoor shots with expansive movement, we have the right dolly for your project.

Each dolly performs a specific function, and your choice of equipment depends on the type of video production that you’ve opted for. Regardless of your requirements, we can help you find the right dolly. Get expert suggestions and tips about choosing a dolly. We have several rental options perfectly suited to all budgetary requirements.


Benefits of Getting Dollies Rental Equipment


Benefits of Getting Dollies Rental Equipment

If you’ve had even a little experience with professional video production, you already know how expensive dollies can get. Buying dollies might not be the best option, especially if you have a tight budget. This is where Electric Light & Power Company can help you.

Choose from various competitive rental options for dollies for your video production. Our inventory has a huge selection of dollies that can suit your every need. Our equipment is checked for faults before and after the rental process. Renting dollies from us will give you complete peace of mind, and you don’t have to worry about equipment breaking down during production.

Last but not least, we also offer deliveries on all of our rentals, even free of charge for certain options. If you’re a beginner filmmaker, you can talk to our experts about maximizing rental equipment to give you the best results.


Why Choose Us for Dollies

Huge Number of Dolly Options

We have a huge inventory of dollies most commonly used for film production in Dallas, Austin, Nola. Choose from Fisher 10 and 11, Cinetech Super Falcon, Skateboard Dolly, and many others. You can also find accessories like track pads, crates, and wedges.

High-Quality Equipment

We only stock professional-grade equipment, which means you get the best deals for your money when you rent equipment from us. We can guarantee you get reliable equipment that can put up with demanding shooting schedules.

Periodically Checked for Faults

Each piece of equipment we have is meticulously checked by our engineers for any faults. We take care of our dollies and ensure that wear and tear is kept at bay. We are committed to offering a trouble-free rental experience for our clients.

Professional Maintenance

Our equipment is professionally maintained, and great care is taken to ensure it is in top shape before we rent it out to you. Our team is detail-oriented and you can be assured our dollies will arrive in pristine condition ready for your production.

Discounts and Special Offers

Electric Light & Power Company has discounts and offers for our customers on all types of dollies and related accessories. Our offers can further improve the cost-effectiveness of hiring dollies from us.

Learn From Our Community

If you’re new to video production or are looking for tips to improve your process, you can speak to our experts. We also have a helpful community where you can ask questions and clarify doubts about production equipment.



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